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”Without borders ’12-’15” Gabriel Grama Solo exhibition – Dion- Greece 2016

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Architectural passages 2016

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Forms and Structures – Solo Exhibition

”Forms and structures” – Solo exhibition 
07 June – 07 September
”Keep it … Simple ” – Bar Gallery, Iraklidon 100, Ixia, Rodos-Greece
forms and structures 1

Gabriel Grama began his artistic studies at the age of 13 years old when he followed for 4 years courses in sculpture and design Artistic Lyceum “Victor Brauner” of city of Piatra Neamt, Romania.

Continued after the University of Fine Arts “George Enescu” Iasi, for another 5 years with professor Hie Bostan. The last 15 years living and working as an artist and professor of visual arts in Athens.

Is a member in the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece since 2008 and has 4 solo exhibitions in collaboration with DDGallery Athens, Embassy of Romania, the Municipality of Athens and many group exhibitions in various locations (ex.Technopolis).

He has participated in three International Sculpture Symposiums in Greece, where created monumental works in stone and two International Painting Symposiums in Romania and India. Apart from sculpture, has been working with the Byzantine Icon, with frescoes and paintings, likes to change styles and modes of expression constantly experimenting. Considers that over the artistic currents there is always the man artist.

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Contemporary Primitivism 21 april – 30 april 2015 , Melina Cultural Center Athens

Contemporary Primitivism 21 april -30 april 2015 , Melina Cultural Center Athens


Gabriel Grama – Universal Symbols

Picasso’s sources of inspiration  had been a various until the African art exhibited a different way of viewing the world, something that is proved in his work ‘’ The ladies of  Avignon ‘’ (1907). In his workshop,  next to the immense naive –primitive paintings of Rousseau’ s , he kept sculptures from Oceania as well as African masks.  One of the must , significant sculptors of the 20th century , Brancusi  like many artists of his generation , was interested in the African art and  other  and primitive arts. His work ‘’ The kiss ’’(1908) , according to some aspects  is considered to be the corresponding to ‘’ The ladies of Avignon’’ in sculpture.

Gabriel Grama, of Romanian origin and studies in sculture, remembers the traditions of his country and is influenced by her pagan worships and dances with traditional masks, as well as by the customs of East Europe, the Mediterranean, Egypt and North Africa. Through his paintings he talks about the universal symbols of life and fertility , as these exist in the contemporary world.

The focal points in his art are human beings (with central persons those of his wife , his son and his own) as well as their connection to nature and modern civilization. The mother  with her child in her arms, the primitive dances and the buck as symbols of fertility are  interlinked with forms that remind us of frozen buildings and cold machines. Forms which relegate to sculpture , bright colors which clash with one another (dominant is  the presence of green and red that are used a lot in Romania ), patterns which refer to the linear design of Byzantine religious painting as well as the Japanese or Arabic type of writing , stylized figures in motion are what someone can seen when looking at the artist’s work . In some cases his human beings suffer from the civilization  that they have created while in some others  they  dance liberated from it , wearing colorful tassels , fringes and earrings met at various customs.

The artist states that ‘’ Contemporary primitivism work constitute my effort to express my opposition  to what modern society has offered and presented in the recent years. My 50 paintings , mainly medium sized canvasses , or some even bigger , were produced in the years 2010-2015 . Influenced by the Balkan folklore, mainly the Romanian , the folk art of Middle East and North Africa , I  combine schematic elements with decorative coloring in my distinctive penmanship. A lot of automizations and ways of expressions  easily identified in my paintings , stem from the Byzantine religious painting , which  I studied for years in Greece ‘’.

All things considered , behind the technology and the stifling world of our day and age , the human beings of Gabriel Grama despite their evolution , have the same primitive instincts and the same needs, regardless of their origin with the result of becoming themselves a universal symbol.

Ira Papapostolu – Critic and art historian

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